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     Company History


1972 Michael Webb starts his own electrical business from his house in Guildford Rd, after many engagements as a dedicated company electrician since his apprenticeship in 1959, culminating with his last year with Wheal Jane and Wellington Mines, maintaining the pumps and winding gear.

1973 Expands from the stairs and landing into a new shed in the garden.

1973 Dick Orchard lends a hand to help keep up with the increased workload for a year.

1976 After serving his time with SWEB, Dennis Philp teams up with Michael and the business expands.

1976 Both Michael and Dennis qualify for the NIC/EIC approved contractors certificate.

1984 Dennis' son, Kevin joins as an apprentice and quickly attains the necessary accreditations.

1993 City and Guilds Regulations 16 introduced.

1997 Dennis retires.

1997 Staff expanded.

1998 Staff expanded.

1999 Staff expanded.

2001 Webb & Philp Ltd is created, with Michael and Kevin as partners.

2001 The business moves from the Guildford Rd shed to the new Marsh Lane Industrial Estate premises.

2002 Secretarial staff employed.

2003 Staff expanded

2010 City and Guilds Regulations 17 introduced.


Webb & Philp continues to deliver its services to local business, builders and the general public, complying with the very latest nationally recognised standards, thereby ensuring reliable and future-proof installations.


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